A Mysterious Sea Creature Surfaces in the Search for Spinal Cord Injury Treatments

Spinal cord injuries are much more common than one might expect. As a result, finding a cure would be life changing for millions of Americans. Dr. Michael E. Selzer has been studying this topic for nearly 40 years. He provides insight on how a cure could be developed by looking at an animal capable of repairing its own spinal cord. The sea lamprey, a species of deep sea fish, is capable of regenerating a severed or broken spine. By looking at its genome, scientists hope to one day discover a method to apply the lamprey’s healing capabilities to humans

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Man’s Best Friends May Help Us Manage Pain In People

In Brief Phantom limb pain (PLP) is a neuropathic pain felt by amputees.Companion animals may serve as good models for understanding PLP.Research is currently being conducted utilizing the connections between animals and humans to combat neuropathic pain and manage PLP According to the National Limb Loss Resource Center,…

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