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Concussions in Soccer: The Pressure to Keep on Playing

The FIFA World Cup, which took place in Qatar this past winter, included the most extensive concussion guidelines and regulations we have seen implemented in the world’s most-watched tournament. If a player was suspected to have sustained a concussion, teams were allowed to use a single additional permanent…

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The Devilish Reality of Transmissible Cancer

Being a leading cause of death each year, cancer is a word that strikes fear into many of us. All it takes is for a rogue cell to divide uncontrollably and feed off your body until you’re worn out. We sometimes take solace with the assumption that it’s…

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From Virtual Reality to “Goodbye Malady!”

“In a matter of six weeks, you couldn’t even tell he had a stroke.” This is what Arik Yates, a physical therapist assistant, said about a chronic stroke patient who had tried virtual reality therapy for the first time. The aforementioned stroke patient was a huge action movie…

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From Chinchillas to Humans: Decoding Hearing Loss

Hearing is a complicated process. To help decode how we hear and the issues that can occur within the ear, researchers have been studying chinchillas for over 50 years. Chinchillas hear similarly to the way in which humans do, making them great models for researchers to use. For…

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Pioneering Heart Valve Surgery Offers a Lifetime of Hope

Learning that their child has been born with a heart defect is devastating news for parents and for good reason. Some congenital heart defects can be fatal though many, including heart valve abnormalities, can be successfully repaired. The surgical ‘fix’ usually involves replacing a faulty natural valve with…

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The Fight for Freedom from PANS

Imagine you wake up one morning with a tickle in your throat and the dull headache of a seasonal cold throbbing behind your eyes. You go to school, thinking it’s just a simple illness and that you can shrug it off. The constant anxiety over your sloppy handwriting…

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