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When Your Heart Turns Against You, Animals Are There to Help

You may know someone who takes blood thinners; over 3.2 million Americans have prescriptions. However, there are problems associated with these medications. Not only is a person who takes blood thinners unable to live life to the fullest, they must also be cautious about nearly all day-to-day physical…

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Seafaring, Space, Symbiosis, and Squid

Imagine you are a seasoned astronaut floating through the mystical blue abyss that is space, documenting the thousands of bright white stars that buzz relentlessly above your head. Suddenly, a shape you don’t recognize appears close by. Is it a rock? An alien spacecraft? A piece of debris?…

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A Monster Impact for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Being a binge-watching Netflix enthusiast and having a poor diet, Brian suffers from type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease that affects some 30 million people in the United States. Despite his renewed efforts to initiate a lifestyle change by eating better and exercising more…

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What Rats Can Tell Us About Memory

You’ve likely heard about the many benefits of sleep. But you probably haven’t heard the latest. Scientists are currently investigating how sleep helps us navigate the world around us. Past research has shown that memory plays a major role in helping us move through space. If you remember…

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Sea Cucumbers: The Key to Organ Regeneration

Picture this: on your morning walk, a speeding car suddenly rams into you. Among other injuries, your liver is annihilated. You are rushed to the hospital, only for the doctors to say the damage is irreversible. That leaves one last option: replacing the organ entirely. The doctor breaks…

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