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Announcing the 2024-2025 Program for Curious Science Writers

Applications for the

Class of 2024 is OPEN!

2024 Summer Bootcamp

will be held online July 15-19.

* In-person experiences available in some areas*

fascinating stories for all audiences, conceived and written by students.

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02 Feb 2024

The rise of disease-causing bacteria: How climate change may impact your health

You may want to think twice before you eat a raw oyster or dive into the ocean to escape a hot day.…

07 Dec 2023

Seeing the Future: How Retinal Organoids Might Hold the Key to Curing Blindness

We use cameras every day. They’re on our phones, in buildings, and even inside us. Yes, you heard that right. Our eyes,…

17 Oct 2023

Immunotherapy: The Next Frontier in Cancer Treatment

Here’s a sobering statistic: 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetimes. The statistic is even…

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Curious Science Writers (cSw) is a training program for exceptional high school students with a passion for science and writing. Created to “advance the art of science communication,” cSw is an innovative, extracurricular program that prepares highly motivated high school communicators to bring complex biomedical science to the general public through the power of story.