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02 Aug 2021

Plants May Be a Game-Changer When It Comes to Our Understanding of Human Anesthesia

If you’ve ever undergone surgery, you may have been placed under anesthesia. An anesthesiologist inserts an IV in your arm or you…

09 Jul 2021

Nanoparticles: Navigating a Microscopic Universe

Small things can have large impacts. One prime example is the nanoparticle, an ultra fine particle of matter about 500 times thinner than a strand of human hair.

09 Jun 2021

Can Our Pets Be the Answer to Our Problems?

Cancer is one of the biggest problems in our world today. Around 38% of adults will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, but humans are not the only ones affected by this disease.

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Curious Science Writers (cSw) is a training program for exceptional high school students with a passion for science and writing. Created to “advance the art of science communication,” cSw is an innovative, extracurricular program that prepares highly motivated high school communicators to bring complex biomedical science to the general public through the power of story.