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The 2022 Summer Boot Camp will be held virtually from July 11 to 15

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18 May 2022

Pioneering Heart Valve Surgery Offers a Lifetime of Hope

Learning that their child has been born with a heart defect is devastating news for parents and for good reason. Some congenital…

02 May 2022

The Fight for Freedom from PANS

Imagine you wake up one morning with a tickle in your throat and the dull headache of a seasonal cold throbbing behind…

31 Mar 2022

Processing Problems and Saving Lives: The Increasing Role of Computational Modeling in Drug Discovery

Even though COVID-19 is currently on a downward trend, pharmaceutical scientists are working hard to find additional vaccines and treatments as variants…

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Curious Science Writers (cSw) is a training program for exceptional high school students with a passion for science and writing. Created to “advance the art of science communication,” cSw is an innovative, extracurricular program that prepares highly motivated high school communicators to bring complex biomedical science to the general public through the power of story.