cSw 2016

RNA: Catching Cancer Red-Handed

RNA is an intermediate molecule found between double-stranded DNA and the production of protein. It is essential in the genetic instructions for life and development in living organisms. Taking its flexibility and reactivity into account, Dr. Jonathan Ouellet is focusing on RNA in his preliminary research to develop a potential cure for cancer.

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Rest Easy: NJ Professor Makes Sleep Apnea Breakthroughs

In order to gain more information about sleep apnea, Dr. Neubauer uses mice as animal models, controlling the amount of oxygen they intake to induce localized hypoxia, or areas of low oxygen. Through this process, she found that the enzyme heme oxygenase, which can sense and alert the body of low oxygen areas, is induced by hypoxia only in the pacemaker areas. This enzyme will help scientists understand the effects of sleep apnea, because it can be specifically targeted to identify how key signals change during hypoxic conditions.

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A Way to the Heart with Polymers

Inspire, innovate, and invent. Dr. Kathryn Uhrich, a researcher from Rutgers University does just that through her groundbreaking work with polymers, including a novel polymer-based cardiac stent. Coronary stents offer an essential treatment for deadly coronary artery disease (CAD), the leading cause of death in America. This new stent may help the millions of people living with CAD.

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