Man’s Best Friends May Help Us Manage Pain In People

In Brief Phantom limb pain (PLP) is a neuropathic pain felt by amputees.Companion animals may serve as good models for understanding PLP.Research is currently being conducted utilizing the connections between animals and humans to combat neuropathic pain and manage PLP According to the National Limb Loss Resource Center,…

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Kitties & Kids: Fighting a Fatal Genetic Disease

Now that Siamese cats are available as genetic models for Niemann-Pick disease, in-depth studies on the biochemical properties of the disease are being performed. Previously, studies on Niemann-Pick disease were performed on rodents with drug-induced enzyme deficiencies, which was less than ideal. Although there are obstacles to be faced, researchers are optimistic that Siamese cats will speed the search for a cure or effective treatments for Niemann-Pick disease.

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