Dogs Really Are Man’s Best Friend: Osteosarcoma Research in Great Danes

Great Danes are one of the best canine models for human cancer research because they have the highest chance of developing a malignancy in their lifetime. Compared to lab rats and mice, Great Danes are better models for human disease because they are genetically more similar. All too often, treatments that have worked in lab mice haven't worked when we've taken them to human clinical trials. [The canine] model is much closer to human disease.

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Casper the Friendly Cancer-Fighting Zebrafish

Cancers involve out-of-control cell growth. Scientists believe that the zebrafish may hold the key to gaining a better understanding of how cancer moves and changes, which could provide insight into how to create better treatments. Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital have developed a transparent mutant zebrafish commonly known as the "Casper" zebrafish that allows scientists to watch cancers develop in adult fish.

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