We are curiousSCIENCEwriters

Did you know that in the world of branding, there exist people called “namers?“ Theirs is a great career for creative types who love words and understand how minds and hearts respond to various sounds strung together to suggest meaning and shared values. Successful namers practice the art and science of distilling the essence of something brand new: a color, a company, a disease, a drug, a concept, or an organization.

Naming is big business and can be time-consuming and hard to get right.

Since we have changed our name from curiousYOUNGwriters to curiousSCIENCEwriters, you may be asking “What’s new?” Quite a bit, actually.

Wanting our name to have the right emPHAsis, we switched out YOUNG for SCIENCE. While our creative teams are all high school students and still young, we are focusing on honing their skills to generate science stories designed to engage a general audience. It is a tough assignment. Working with communications professionals, we are training student editors to help our writers move beyond jargon and complex scientific concepts to produce stories that get the science right and capture the personality of scientists involved ground-breaking research. Graphic designers collaborate to source or create images that give readers insights about each story at a glance. We’ve also incorporated a new visual into our name/logo and updated this website.

Since words have meaning and names have power (anonymous but wise source), we hope the words in our name more accurately reflect who we are and combine into a powerful statement of purpose.

Let us know what you think.