The Translation of Science: Complicated Content Crafted Into Story

Curious Science Writers is an extraordinary opportunity for all young people and I wholeheartedly endorse it. I’ve always had an artistic and philosophical focus on life. I love writing poetry, painting, and ranting to my sister about the hidden colors in the ripples of a lake. But this camp is such a refreshing approach to life and learning for me. Going forward, I will also be able to identify the beauty of this world through a scientific lens, instead of just an artistic one.

For those who attended the camp, we practiced decoding scientific studies to extract meaning from the overwhelming jumble of raw fact. We turned our takeaways into stories to share with one another, gaining feedback for our words. And we learned to not let clunky nonsensical paragraphs detract from our fascinations with the infinite world of science.

cSw has also allowed me to tap into my curiosity. Listening to our various guest speakers talk about their careers in science communication has really helped me in jumping over the hurdle of uncertainty in my future. Lots of kids have no idea where they want their lives to lead, but having the mindset that anything is possible is the key. I feel like I’ve been handed the “go ahead card” to explore my passions to their fullest! Altogether, what can be extracted from any experience is growth. I may not know exactly what my future holds, but being here with this amazing group of people has been fantastic. And really, we all just want to learn.

I cannot possibly overstate the value of finding something to love. Science is illuminating in all its forms, and it’s fascinating to be grounded by such eternal life; to realize Homo sapiens are the smallest fragment of the universe. As internationally-respected science reporter Nicholas St. Fleur, one of the speakers during this year’s Curious Science Writers Boot Camp, said in one of our sessions; “take the time to marvel that we exist.”

On top of the mind-blowing topics and deep discussions we engaged in, the new perspectives and chances for self-growth I’ve been able to take away from this experience, are things I am extremely lucky to have. I value earth and curiosity in an indescribable new way. Believe me, you can too!

About the Author

Hanna Cochran

Hanna Cochran enjoys practicing cello, writing poetry and spending time outside either running or just reflecting on nature. She is the director of writing at her high school’s art and literary magazine and is currently editing her realistic fiction YA novel in preparation for the publishing process. Apart from her philosophical side, her curiosity of the world extends into the sciences. She hopes to convey complex information in a way that is understandable to the general public so that humanity can move forward as one. She hopes to open peoples’ eyes to the wonder of science by turning complicated ideas into simple and entertaining articles.