Good Advice

cSw-IconCarl Zimmer is a columnist for the New York Times and the author of 13 books. In The Loom, a blog he writes for, Zimmer explores biology from the genes up.

His Note to Beginning Science Writers (posted 06/24/2013) elicited many enthusiastic responses, each of which contains note-worthy gems for our curious young writers.
Thanks to John Y. Jones for the following advice:

“Reading excellent science writing is a must for any writer who wants to write about science, just like reading the best novelists is crucial for aspiring Hemingways and Austins.”

Previously, Zimmer posted a crowd-sourced reading list appropriate “for a class on the art of writing about science and nature.” If cYw wanted to provide our aspiring young science writers with a summer reading list, we couldn’t do better than to clone this reading list. Check it out.