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Welcome to cSw eLearning

eLearning Overview

Over several months, cSw will expose you to the important and growing field of science communications. You are a member of a team of student writers, editors and graphic designers that will publish and promote compelling science stories for a general audience. Our eLearning Center has been set up to guide you through this process. Please follow these instructions to successfully complete your required courses.

Step 1: Register:


There you will get an overview of the entire eLearning Center. You may preview the courses by clicking the Courses tab and download complete lesson modules in the Download Lessons tab; both in the main menu. However, you must create a login in order to sign up and complete the courses, take the quizzes and get credit for your eLearning progress.

Create a Login

  1. Click on My Courses Tab in the main menu
  2. Register by entering a username, email address and password in the marked fields
  3. Login in using the information you entered to register


Step 2: Select a Course:

Once logged in, go to My Courses page and click on Start a Course.


Step 3: Start a Course:

You will be taken to the Courses page where you will be able to select from courses for writers, editors and graphic designers. Select the course that matches your role.


Step 4: Select a Lesson:

Once on the course page select the first lesson to begin.


Step 5: Begin a Lesson:

Take the lesson by clicking on the Start Prezi> button in the center of the media window. You can view and review the Prezi using the forward and back arrows within the media window. Once you have a complete understanding of the material, take the quiz (see next step) or proceed to the next lesson.


Step 6: Take a Quiz:

Look for the Lesson Quiz button below the Prezi window. Please note that if there is additional lesson content below the Prezi you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the quiz button.


Step 7: Continue Learning:

Navigate through all the lessons in a course and then take the next course(s) required. At any time you may download the course lessons in PDF format by visiting the Download Lessons page.


Get started now-