Deadline for Application Packets Extended!

Due to major disruptions and power outages, cSw will accept complete Application Packages up to Midnight, Sunday, March 25.

cSw is committed to making our innovative steAm initiative affordable for any qualified high school student who is dedicated to advancing the art of science communication. To that end, we may provide full and partial scholarships up to the full amount of $550 for the 2018/19 program year.

Our scholarship policy is based on a model in which those who can afford to pay help those who cannot. We appeal to your sense of honor. Please request only the minimum amount that will allow you to participate, thus allowing us to accommodate the needs of others.

cSw asks each scholarship applicant to complete the online request form telling us what cSw will gain from his/her participation, what role he/she will play in promoting cSw in the coming year, and how his/her involvement will contribute to the growth and visibility of cSw.

To apply for scholarship assistance, please fill out this form and submit with your complete online application package by March 25, 2018.