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cSw 2017-18 Researcher Request Template

cSw 2017-18 Process for Writers

cSw 2017-18 Process for Editors

cSw 2017-18 Writing Style Guide

cSw 2017-18 Story Formats


cSw 2017-18 Editors Checklist PDF

cSw Creative Transfer Team 2016- Formatting and Citing Images

From Our YouTube Channel-

Sunday@7 Webinar: Advancing the Art of Science Communication – An Intergenerational Exchange

cSw Webinar with Anne Marie Santoro (47:33)
Finding the Heart of Your Story

cSw Webinar with Ann Finkbeiner (1:07:15)
How to Interview People Who Know a Lot More Than You Do and Not Be Afraid

cSw Forum Intro Video (6:31)
Montage of science/media celebrities talk about the importance of effective science communications.

cSw Forum Loop Video (14:10)
Science communicators share ideas & tips for curious SCIENCE writers.

June 6, 2015 Forum — Keynote Speaker Steven Holloway – “Science for the Screen: Bridging Art & Science on Film” (40:00)
Keynote Speakers Steve Holloway and Gabriela Elisa talk about their work with the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking and offer numerous tips for effective science communications.

June 6, 2015 Forum — Keynote Speaker Diana McCorry: – “Less than 12 Parsecs” (28:00)
Brooklyn based writer/producer Diana McCorry offers science writing inspiration and insights, along with a large dose of humor.

June 6, 2015 Forum — Getting The Story Right (1:00:49)
curiousYOUNGwriter’s own Merry Brennan, Communications Director, leads 2015-16 student staffers through the process of writing a clear and compelling science story for a general audience.

Editing 101 (1:03:36)

cSw 2015 Social Media Program (37:48)