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Spicing Up Tumor Treatment With Silibinin

A different application of the same substance can yield amazing results. Silibinin, an extract of the milk thistle plant, has long been used as a supplemental treatment for liver disease. Research at the University of Colorado, however, is showing that silibinin can be used for so much more—in particular, to treat tumors, both cancerous and otherwise.

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Crayfish Get Anxious Too!

Humans are not the only ones to feel stress; simple creatures like crayfish also respond to stress in ways similar to humans. By running crayfish in a maze, Dr. Cattaert found that stressed crayfish tend to remain in dark areas with a higher level of blood glucose in their bodies.

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Breakthroughs in Respiratory Research: A Breath of Fresh Air

Breathing is the melody of life. If a pulsing heart is the drum beat that regulates life, then breathing is the symphony that plays in time with it, establishing a person’s individualized rhythm. Symbolism aside, the allure of respiration lies in its biology, which is the key focus of Dr. Neubauer’s interest. She studies how hypoxia, or low levels of oxygen in the body, can affect respiration.

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