2022-2023 Editorial Team

Juhi Amin
Chief Editor

Juhi Amin is a senior at the Academy of Allied Health and Science in New Jersey. She joined cSw last year as a writer because she believes the promotion of science literacy is essential to building a better-educated society. This year, she looks forward to participating as an editor and is excited to continue exploring her interests in science and writing through cSw. Outside of academics, she is interested in drawing, cooking and playing tennis.

Adwaith Hariharan
Team Editor, Student Mentor

Adwaith Hariharan is a senior at Biotechnology High School in New Jersey. He joined the program as a writer and was invited to join the editorial team. As a STEM enthusiast, he is passionate about breaking down the barriers of complexity in science communication through effective and engaging storytelling. He’d like to master the art behind the science of making scientific information accessible to a larger range of the population. Outside of cSw, he is actively involved in scientific research, the school newspaper, trekking, traveling and increasing STEM education and inclusion in his community.

Raunak Banerjee
Team Editor & Graphic Designer

Raunak Banerjee is a junior at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. This is their second year at cSw, and they are serving as a team editor, graphic designer, and writer. They joined the program due to their passions in STEM and journalism. Raunak believes it is vital for scientists to raise awareness for modern scientific problems through effective yet concise communication. They enjoy long discussions about STEM and philosophy with their peers. In their free time, you’ll often find them playing the violin, drawing, playing soccer, or playing chess.

Audrey Yan
Team Editor & Graphic Designer

Audrey Yan is a senior at High Technology High School in New Jersey. This is her second year participating in cSw as a writer. She believes that by writing about science, she is not only able to learn about relevant issues but also spread information to a greater audience while simultaneously honing her communication skills. Audrey’s other interests include art, design, floristry and music.

Daniela Benoit
Senior Creative Team Manager

Daniela Benoit is a senior at High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey. She is co-manager of the graphic design team for Curious Science Writers. She joined the program in hopes to learn more about how to create illustration pieces that increase understanding of the articles that go with them while keeping it informal and eye-catching.

Bebe Lemanowicz

Senior Creative Team Manager

Bebe Lemanowicz is a senior at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School in Pennsylvania and this is her third year with the cSw program. As senior co-manager of the graphic design team, she enjoys the challenge of finding and creating graphics that complement the articles well. Outside of cSw, she participates in her school’s annual musical and play, plays tennis, piano, and guitar, along with being secretary of her school’s student council, president of the jazz band, sewing club, and knit & crochet club.

Annika Singh
Creative Team Manager

Annika is in the Class of 2024 at Mission San Jose High School in California. She is excited to continue her journey with cSw for her third year as the Chief Editor and graphic designer. She’s previously served as a Creative Team Manager and writer. She joined cSw because she believes in the importance of science communication through written and artistic means.  Outside of cSw, you’ll often find her dancing, reading, listening to music, or spending time with her friends and family


Spencer Lyudovyk
Social Media Co-Manager

Spencer Lyudovyk is a senior at High Technology High School in New Jersey. This is his third year with the program. He joined cSw to improve upon his researching skills and learn how to effectively write/communicate about science.

Yoojin Jeong
Social Media Co-Manager

Yoojin Jeong is a junior at Damascus High School in Damascus, Maryland. This is her second year with cSw. She chose to join the program because she aspires to expand on her writing and scientific literacy skills. She wants to ultimately incorporate the skills to any potential research/writing in the future. Outside of cSw, she is a competitive flutist and an active co-founder of a community organization to increase accessibility in STEM. In her free time, she loves to bake and read books on psychology.