Finding the Heart of Your Story


From cSw’s SUNDAY@SEVEN Series:

Did you know that humans now have shorter attention spans than that of goldfish? With the advent of multitasking, grabbing people’s attention is more difficult than ever. So, how DO people manage to interest their audience? Anne Marie Santoro, founder of From the Heart Communications, discusses how to find the “heartbeat” of a story in her interview with cSw staff:

“We want to keep asking questions to find the passion… Try to find where the pulse of the story is, where the heartbeat of the story is…”

Find out more about what Anne Marie has to say here…
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Copy Editor: Alexa Wyszkowski


Author: cSw

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    A lively webinar filled with many insightful strategies and helpful hints from Anne Marie Santoro. Whether it was “how to find one’s voice or the importance of a ‘tag line’ or title are exactly what writers need to hear. She inspires one to trust and look inward and to write, to write to write … the magic will happen! Great choice of guest.

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