An Abnormal Heart



An abnormal heart in her newborn, a devastating flaw,
one that this mother blames herself for.
Although the cause is unclear, she still cries,
and unaware of her own genetic code.

These vital genes, construct the heart;
the most important organ to life.
Distorted valves and chambers affected by Congenital Heart Disease,
lead to an unpromising future.

Her precious newborn, calm and tranquil,
develops an abnormal blood flow.
CHD corrupts his heart and blood,
Truncus Arteriosus deprives him of oxygen: the supplement of life.

Only one abnormal valve protrudes from his heart,
oxygenated and deoxygenated blood churn together.
Hypoxic cells scream out for desperate help,
for they are only supplemented with depleted blood.

A placid child, with a fatal destination,
a risky surgery, his only hope.
At such a young age, weak and frail,
this operation, not always successful.

There must be a way, his mother wonders,
without the risk of her child’s death, to cure the dangerous disease.
She ponders, could there be a prenatal cure,
to spare generations of offspring to come?

Researches around the world struggle with her thought,
could there be an antepartum cure?
They look into the tropical Zebrafish,
sea creatures that might hold the answer to their question.

Observable in their embryonic state,
researchers can study crucial genes and their role in development,
those which cause abnormal changes in the heart,
and to solve the forsaken mystery of CHD.

Please read the original research story- Fishing for Clues to the Cause of CHD
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Author: cYw33

Hey everyone, and welcome to cYw! I am a first time writer for this awesome organization which makes people aware of the truly beneficial effects animals can have on the world. I feel honored to be given the privilege to make people aware of the positive contributions animals are making in the biomedical field. I also write science poetry for cYw, which is the integration of creative poetry and science. I really enjoy science, specifically biology. In college, I know I definitely want to major in the biological sciences. I’m very much interested in the study of viruses and virology and have aspirations of possibly working for the CDC as a research scientist as a researcher of infectious diseases. Other than my academic interests, I also play soccer and swim as well. I’m also an avid fan of CSI: Miami and House. Hopefully you have found interest in my article and have learned something, and thanks for spending the time to read it!!

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    “The Abnormal Heart” is an inspiring science poem! Bravo to the science poet who wrote it bringing to our attention the need for more research in this field. I hope everyone reads this and helps biomedical research cure so many of our diseases. This website is awesome! Nancy Gorrell

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    I thought that this poem really helped bring the abstractness of a medical disorder like CHD into a realistic and sensitive place. The words selected by the poet / author really help the reader better understand the struggle that a parent must go through when their child has such medical struggles.

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    “The Abnormal Heart” is a very realistic and creative poem. The aesthetics of this poem, as well as the sensitive and effective word choice, really brought home the struggles that a family experiences when their child is afflicted with a serious medical condition. A job well done, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

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    Wow, what a beautiful poem. Poetry itself is beautiful and to mix science makes it even more eloquent and interesting. Thanks for inspiring me to write my own scientific poem!

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